Getting Along with Companions: Tips and tricks for future missionaries

Let’s be honest. If your papers are in or your call has been assigned, the following has crossed your mind at least once: “I really hope I don’t have a crazy companion.” Well, you probably will have at least one. … Continue reading


I was recently asked what surprised me the most about becoming a missionary. My answer was NOT how much I loved street contacting, or being rejected. It was something that completely blindsided me. It was love. I knew it was … Continue reading

Making the call: Sister Holbrook

It can be absolutely agonizing. Take it from me, friends, the decision to go on a mission was the hardest one I’ve ever made. But the greatest. Hands down. Times a billion.

For those of you who are still wrestling with yourselves, and perhaps God, (Enos 1, anyone?) we’ll turn to some advice from some fellow prospective sisters. Today, let’s meet Sister Holbrook.

California native, Khira Nicole Holbrook was most recently pursuing her goal of becoming an elementary school teacher while attending Brigham Young University-Idaho. That was until a quiet little answer to a quiet little prayer changed her life. For the next 18 months, Khira will wear the nametag, and become Sister Holbrook, laboring in the Montana Billings Mission.


But if you were to ask Khira, the answer didn’t come all at once. Let’s go back about a year.

During her Winter 2012 semester, Khira was interning for the Walt Disney Company in Orlando, Florida. While there, she kept trying to make plans for her immediate future, but kept coming up short.

“I’m the kind of person that has to have a plan for the future,” she said.

Khira was waiting for a missionary who would soon be returning home.

She decided to pray about it.

On a trip to the temple, Khira opened her scriptures. Her answer?

“I opened up to a scripture in the Doctrine & Covenants,” she said. “I read something about the saints not dwelling on it, and I thought ‘Oh my gosh! I can’t plan!’”

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The green stuff

Missionary work. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Black name tag? Mid-calf skirt? Seeing the light of the gospel permeate the eyes of your investigator? All great things. Well, the mid-calf skirts are debatable. But did you think about the cost of serving?

Most of the time, that’s one of the last things prospective missionaries think of. But it’s time to get serious.

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To bring, or not to bring

I recently received a Facebook message from a girl who got her mission call to Montana. Now, don’t think I’m biased, but this is the greatest mission in the world. (The secret’s out. That’s where I served.) She had a lot of basic questions for me, and was coincidentally, my inspiration for this blog. So thanks, Sister Holbrook!

She had questions specific to Montana, but they are still applicable to many sisters preparing to enter the field.

Backpack or side bag? 

I went with a small backpack. It was a medium sized one from Ogio. Never failed me. Most of the missionaries had backpacks and loved them. You do a lot of walking, especially if you are serving in a small town, so I would avoid a side bag.

Did you get a set of scriptures in the MTC?

I didn’t buy new scriptures. Before I went into the MTC I was regretting my choice, but once I got there, and mostly in the field, I was so grateful that I had my old marked up ones. One of the greatest things about being a missionary is that God has called YOU to labor among his people in Montana (or wherever you have been called.) You will use YOUR faith, testimony and experiences to bring people to the fullness of the gospel. Because of this, I was so grateful to have my old beat up scriptures. I knew where to find everything when a prompting came. However, if it’s just time to get new ones, I would recommend getting them at the MTC because you get a pretty decent discount. Also, I would buy a small set because they weigh less and you’ll be carrying them around with you all the time.

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Welcome to the blog!

So you’re serving a mission. Kind of a big deal. Actually it’s a huge deal. And if you are anything like I was nearly four years ago you’re probably freaking out right now. Well fear not. That’s where the blog comes in. Get ready for nearly everything you need to know about preparing for life as a missionary. Whether it’s what to study from Preach My Gospel, from how to get along with difficult companions to how to adjust to a rigorous schedule, this blog has what you need. Not seeing what you want? Let’s talk about it. Feel free to leave a comment. Guys, the Church is true. Hurrah for Israel.