Preparing to serve: Some advice from the experts

If you’re preparing to serve a mission, you’ve probably heard this upwards of a billion times: “You’re going to serve a mission? That’s (insert uplifting adjective here)! Well let me give you one piece of advice…” The advice giver will … Continue reading

Making the Call: Sister Buchanan

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from a girl named Jesse. Her story was her own, but so many pieces of it reminded me of mine. The time has come, dear friends, to tell you how I decided … Continue reading

Lessons from Provo

Today is an important day. It’s Sunday. According to my Facebook it’s Sherie Bedke’s and Taylor Capson’s birthday. Thanks for being born. But today also marks three years since I entered the MTC. Wide-eyed and impressionable, I was ready to … Continue reading

Culture Shock: Elder Johnson

Okay, foreign-bound missionaries. Get your pocket translator dictionary and Rosetta Stone. If you’ve been called to labor in lands far and wide away from what you’re used to, you might be freaking out. Like a lot. Right about now. Take … Continue reading

Open your mouth

So like, you’re going to be teaching the gospel. Are you a little overwhelmed? If you were anything like the hundreds of thousands of missionaries that have anxiously awaited the transition from member to missionary, the answer is yes. One … Continue reading