Making the call: Sister Haas

Sister Haas

Sister Haas

As I have continued to work on this blog, I have been so humbled by so many young men and women making such great sacrifices to listen to the promptings of the spirit and serve a mission. It can be such a struggle to make the decision. But no matter what you decide, make the decision with God, and go forward with faith.

Here’s another story of how one girl wrestled with the decision to serve a mission. Meet Lindsey.
This is her story:
It never was in my plan, desires, or options.
I wanted to finish school and get started in a career.
The Lord had a different idea.
I woke up one day in June and the thought was so strong.
It caused me much grief, anxiety, and stress.
Weeks of no sleeping, heart pounding, hard to breathe.
I kept pushing it out of mind.
NO! This is not for me.
Then General Conference came, no it wasn’t the big announcement that did it.
It was these two phrases:
“Leave all this and serve me.”- Holland
“We can’t insist on our timetable, when God has his own.”-Eyring.
It’s interesting how when we choose to do something right, it becomes that much harder.
Doubts filled my mind everyday.
But I knew I could no longer deny these feelings.
“If we are not willing to grapple with the frustration that comes from honestly and bravely facing the uncertainties we encounter, we may never develop the kind of spiritual maturity that is necessary for our ultimate preparations.”
So it is with much anticipation, nervousness, and excitement that I announce:

 I have been called to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for the next year and a half. I’m going to the Denver Colorado North Mission, leaving February 20th.

This was a post on Sister Haas’ blog. Good luck, sister. The people of Colorado will be blessed by your service.


One thought on “Making the call: Sister Haas

  1. This post was a HUGE answer to my prayer. I’m serving in the SAME mission and had lots of reservations about serving before reading this…thank you for your example and service! Seriously though. You just changed my life.

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