Preparing to serve: Some advice from the experts

If you’re preparing to serve a mission, you’ve probably heard this upwards of a billion times:

“You’re going to serve a mission? That’s (insert uplifting adjective here)! Well let me give you one piece of advice…”

The advice giver will then proceed to offer advice which may or may not be helpful or even relevant, but they feel good for helping and you feel good for listening. #zionlikecommunity

Well in case your in short supply of mission advice, I’ve rallied some of God’s finest soldiers to share with you the best advice they received before they thrusted in their sickle.

Now a word from the experts: 

“Don’t spend so much money on suits and ties because you will buy most of your suits and ties at thrift stores on your mission…and love the people!” -Jordan Unga, Montana Billings Mission

“Two years is two years and you get to choose what you do with it…but that hard work totally pays off in the end.” -Jordan Mills, Mexico Merida Mission

“It’s not about you,” -Chantelle Cordon, Montana Billings Mission

“Be obedient and love everyone,” -Rob Vomocil, California Santa Rosa Mission

“How you feel about your mission president says a lot about what kind of missionary you are.” -Tanner Gilliland, Brazil Joao Pessoa Misson

” Pay attention in seminary.” -Seth Hanson, Montana Billings Mission

“Do hard things.” -Shain Weiderholt, West Virginia Charleston Mission

“You already are a great missionary.” -Michael Lanham, Montana Billings Mission

“Stop looking for the change.” -Eli Wilson, New Zealand Wellington Mission

“You are going to have good days and bad days. Many will be bad days, while the good days will be far and few in between. But those good days will make those bad days worth it a hundred times over.” -Hunter Christensen

“It’s not about how many baptisms but how hard you worked.” -Brock Seymore, Montana Billings Mission

“1. Never compensate obedience. 2. If it can’t be done with love, it can’t be done at all.” -Risa Casperson, California Arcadia Mission

“You have to commit to it because there will be times when it is so hard that you just want to give up. Pray and push through the challenges. With the Lord NOTHING is impossible.” =Nicholas Lunt, Montana Billings Mission

“Sometimes you wake up and aren’t sure if you can do the same thing in the same place with the same person again, that doesn’t make you a bad missionary. But then you just get up and do it. Also, numbers aren’t everything, but without them you have nothing.” -Emma Pratt

“Find out what kind of missionary you are early on, the way you work. Everyone does the Lord’s work a little bit differently, accept the way others do it and develop the best way that you do it continually.” -Shane Wood, Montana Billings Mission

“Don’t you dare come home early.” -Jess Carlson, Illinois Nauvoo Mission

“Be the solution, not the problem,” -Emmilie Buchanan, Montana Billings Mission


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