Missionary Prep: Sister Broadbent

Oh hi. Happy weekend. I spent mine interviewing for jobs. Slash driving through what looked like four different seasons. I heart Idaho. But enough about me. Let’s talk about you. Actually, let’s talk about my friend Dain. Dain is a … Continue reading

What more could I say?

I was wiping off the last of the flour from my counter top, hoping my kind-of-clean clorox wipe wouldn’t leave streak marks. I’ve been thoughtful today. Thoughtful about all the things going on in my life right now, including an … Continue reading

The parable of the boyfriend named Eric

Okay, guys. Here is one of my biggest secrets. #scandalous Hashtag, not really. I once loved a boy named Eric. We went on walks, watched movies, held hands and told each other beautiful things about a future together. Guys. It … Continue reading

Lucky to wear the sweater

These are the most Irish things about me: I recently colored my hair, and there is a little red in it. Ginger every day, baby. I once wanted to travel to Ireland. I may have kissed someone from Irish decent. … Continue reading

Ammon didn’t go to Montana

For anyone who has ever felt a twinge of disappointment or despair over their mission call, this one’s for you. I was sitting in the San Francisco airport when my phone buzzed. “Your mission call came,” the text message said. Elation. After … Continue reading