Thank you, dear sisters

This morning I went to the temple. What a blessed, sacred place! #justlikeheaven

I did baptisms for the first time in months and was overwhelmed by the sweetness of the spirit in the chapel. It was peaceful. It was perfect.

A little bit of heaven on earth.

Directly in front of me was an enormous painting of the Savior being baptized by John the Baptist. I thought of the people who would be having their work done and how long they had potentially been waiting. My heart swelled in gratitude of this glorious gospel.

I looked to my left. A girl next to me on the bench looked deep in thought. She sat hunched over a large journal, her hand scribbling down a pageful of text. I looked away to give her privacy, but not before my eyes could discern a fragment of a sentence.

It indicated that a big decision had been made.

I felt guilty for intruding on her quiet, surely sacred experience. But it began a string of thoughts that transformed my experience in the temple today.

I thought of young women like her scattered throughout the world. Faithful, worthy, beautiful women who are struggling with big decisions.

Do I serve a mission?

Should I get married?

Where should I go to school?

What should I study?

How can I know I’m on the right path?

How can I be most useful to the Lord?

We all have big choices to face. Let’s be honest. I don’t know what I would do without God.

But today, I thought of the thousands of you who are planning to put your life on hold and serve.


Thank you for selflessly and faithfully answering the promptings of the spirit. Thank you for proclaiming the truthfulness of the gospel to every nation. Thank you for furthering this work I love with all of my heart. Thank you for being a missionary.

For those of you who have chosen not to serve a mission, thank you for making your corner of God’s kingdom more beautiful by being a light to all around you. THANK YOU for being you.

I am so overwhelmed with the goodness of people.

Dear sisters, you inspire me every day.

How appropriate that today, a new pope was named in the Catholic church. He will take the name of Pope Francis.

I know little about Francis of Assisi. But when I heard the news, I was reminded of a quote of his that has stuck with me.

“Preach the gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.”

To every person who preaches the gospel in whatever sphere they may be in, thank you.


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