No fear, no regrets

Hi. It’s been a while. I missed you.

Anyway. #notsentimental

You know that saying, “No fears, no regrets”? Yeah, I don’t know what it’s from. I feel like I heard a shrilly soprano sing it in a production of Les Miserables once, but I may be wrong. Either way, I think it’s stupid.

You will probably have both in your life. Especially in missionary work.

Let me explain.

When I think back on my mission, the thing I regret most is this: the people I didn’t talk to.

I never look back and think this:

“Oh, I’m real sad I talked to the guy who yelled at us and slammed the door.”

“Too bad I extended an invitation to repent to that woman who told us to never come back.”

“I’m sorry I took the opportunity to bear my testimony to the man who didn’t care to listen.”

Nope. I never think this. #likeever

I think this:

“I wish I talked to that family on the corner of Wicks and Bench.”

“I wish I would have opened my mouth to the man who looked like he had the world on his shoulders.”

“I wish I could re-do every moment I thought, ‘Oh, they probably don’t want to listen.'”

I don’t remember the faces of the people who hated me. I remember the faces of the people who never had a chance to love God more.

This is my greatest regret from my mission. And it was all because of fear.

Imagine if the Savior had never opened his mouth. If he had just assumed someone didn’t want to be healed because they looked busy or upset. Just imagine. And be grateful that the Savior is our ultimate example.

The most serious thing I could ever say to you is this: Don’t let a single opportunity to invite others to come unto Christ pass you by. You’ll always regret it. Always.

So while the temptation to have both will always be there, don’t give in. Rise above it. Open your mouth. Watch miracles unfold.


One thought on “No fear, no regrets

  1. I couldn’t agree with you any more. The biggest regrets I have from the mission stem from the people I wish I had talked to and now am only left to wonder, but never know, how I might have been received.

    The following scripture, one in which the we were asked to memorize and remember, came during a particularly long and bitter winter, changed everything for me as I sought to let go of my fears.

    “But with some I am not well pleased, for they will not open their mouths, but they hide the talent which I have given unto them, because of the fear of man. Wo unto such, for mine anger is kindled against them” (D&C 60:2)

    And of course, the follow up scripture we were given to this was D&C 68:6, reassuring us that we were not alone in our struggle to overcome our fears.

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