The best medicine

I have never laughed more than on my mission.

In between some of the most sacred moments I’ve ever had, were hours of side-splitting gold. From drunk investigators to a concussion from a football to the head, my mission was filled with unforgettable moments. So if you’re  worried that your mission will be nothing but work, fear not.

There will be long days. There will be hard days. There will be days you will cry. But there will be days to laugh. #thatseveryday

Come what may and love it. Choose to find the humor. It will make your mission so much more enjoyable. It will help you keep your perspective. It will help you choose joy.

A word from the experts: 

“We had an investigator get arrested and extradited to California because he was hiding his girlfriend in his closet while we were teaching a lesson.” -Shain Weiderholt, West Virginia Charleston Mission

“Me and my companion were walking down the street when a random guy yelled out of his car “I love Satan.” -Paul Wade, South Dakota Rapid City Mission 

“The service rendered by Elder Bird and I where we were given a BB gun each (the kid’s unopened Christma presents) and asked to slay as many sparrows infested in this families chicken coop as possible. Kill count: 38 bodies I believe. Best service ever!” -Aden Shelley, Montana Billings Mission 

“My zone leader walked in late to my first baptism while I was singing a solo. He was eating a hot dog.” -Emmilie Buchanan, Montana Billings Mission

“One time a homeless drunk asked if he could get a nice delicious hug. So I said, “Elder Padilha would love to!” and pushed them together. I laughed my head off while the two embraced for several minutes in what I’m certain was a very smelly (but delicious) hug. When he left he said simply, “P-E-A-C-E! It’s a dove!” -Tanner Gilliland, Brazil Joao Pessoa Misson

“I served in singles wards for half of my mission, and was asked to speak in sacrament meeting on the law chastity.” -Bridget Lundrigan, California Santa Rosa Mission 

“A guy pulled a gun on me but laughed and put it away when I asked him if it was airsoft (I noticed the Omega brand)” -Sean Parker 

“A bird pooped on my head in the middle of a very spiritual lesson with an investigator!!” -Brooke Rentteria, California Santa Rosa Mission

“In the middle of a lesson to a pastor, his wife received a “revelation” that I would get a phone call that week from my family that would make me very happy. I thought, “If I get a call from my family this week it will NOT make me happy.” Sure enough I didn’t get the call (lack of faith on my part perhaps?)” -Tanner Gilliland, Brazil Joao Pessoa Misson


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