Not a composer

Journaling is like old school blogging. And more private. And makes your hand hurt more.

Tonight, I was rereading some earlier entries. #imayhavelaughedoutloud Image

But I came across one in particular that I felt compelled to share.

For what it’s worth, I hope it’s helpful. It’s just a little corner of my soul.

July 1, 2012

“I am not a composer. I am not an orator. I am not a creator of anything more than a few humble words on a screen. But I know my heart — my heart and soul, if possible would create every beautiful thing that has ever been said or done in praise to the most High God.

I am not a Michaelangelo. I am not a Miles Davis. I am not a Jane Austen or a William Shakespeare. I am not a Thomas Edison or a Benjamin Franklin. I am a small voice. A small impact. A small soul.

Yet the knowledge rooted firmly within me reaches from one corner of my universe to the other. That knowledge is all encompassing and empowering.

My Savior lives. He came to earth long, long ago to show us the way. He is that way, that truth that leads to life eternal.

Though my contribution is small, it is truth. And truth will reverberate against the largest inconsistencies and falsities until it penetrates everything.”


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