Good morning. Or whatever the proper salutation is for 3 a.m. blogging.

I couldn’t sleep. Naturally, I found myself thinking of you. As well as every other thought ever conceived.


I’m sitting in my bedroom, propped up against a wall, a goose feather pillow behind my back. #weddinggift

The walls behind me are painted the color of sand, and though I painted them myself almost two months ago, I can still almost smell the paint.

The fan (also a wedding gift, #thankyouforever) rustles my hair and sends chills down my skin as it rotates in my direction every 7 seconds.

My husband sleeps soundly in bed. One of his many talents is sleep. Anywhere, anytime. And bless him for it. I on the other hand, have been left with my thoughts.

The bookcase in our living room is lit with Christmas lights, and from their soft glow across the hall, I can almost make out Eric’s frame in the darkness. I love that man.

It’s these details that make up our home:

Sand-colored walls where you can still see the words “I love you, Eric” painted underneath; skin-chilling bursts from the fan; Eric’s steady, sleepy breathing; the short punching sound of each key hit on my ancient laptop; the soft glow from my living room that I can see from my side of the bed that threatens to keep me awake each night until sleep finally conquers.

‘Tis the same with us, my friends.

It’s the details that make you into the missionary you have chosen to become.

A dear missionary companion of mine introduced me to C.S. Lewis’ idea of the living house. And it was once when my heart was broken that I wrote about my own living house. (Read it if you happen to be up and around the 3 a.m. blogosphere yourself)

My point is this: Your life has been a work site, making you who you have become. You’ve been rebuilt, re-varnished, restructured, refurbished, restored, renewed and replenished.

And you will be again. Especially in these next 18 months. Trust me. Unless you’re Ammon, (you’re not) be prepared for a remodel.

Because it’s in those little details of your life that God is continually changing that will make you an instrument in His hands.

Never be ashamed of your past. It’s because of it that you are living in this glorious present.

Never wish you could change the fibers of what makes you the most you. Someone in your mission is being prepared for what you alone can bring into their lives.

Never regret your life. It’s because of it that gives you a unique perspective that will let you connect with a unique few.

Never dwell on past mistakes. The road to overcoming them strengthened the testimony that swells inside of you. Someone is waiting to hear it.

Never look back. Only forward. And take one step at a time into the glorious light of redemption offered to us by our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Always remember — someone is waiting for your details.


One thought on “Details

  1. Emmilie,
    I have been a member all my life and am working on my mission papers now. I’m beyond excited, but it’s hard to stay focused and to continue moving forward and look to what will be. I wanted you to know how much this post meant to me. Thank you for your talents and for sharing the lessons learned with those who have not yet experienced such yet.
    With love,
    Sapphire, soon to be Sister Sillivan

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