Go, Elder and Sister: A message to hesitant pre-missionaries

I have often wondered what would have happened if the missionaries that baptized my family decided not to serve a mission.
Luckily, they did.
And tears of gratitude come to my eyes because of it.
Behind every missionary is a life, a legacy they have touched.
And though not every touched life ends in a dripping wet white jumpsuit, hearts will be changed.
My friend, Kayla blogs over at All Our Lemmony Things. Today, she posted about the missionaries that changed her life. She gives some poignant advice to men and women thinking about serving.
Thanks, Kayla, and happy 5-year anniversary.

all our lemmony things

Today is my 5th birthday.

Not “birth” birthday, of course–I’m 23, not 5.

No, five years ago today I left the old Kayla behind and became someone different. Someone trying to be a little better.

I became a Latter-day-Saint.

A few weeks leading up to today I told my husband we should have cake to celebrate (kind of a silly tradition). He made cookies instead–and I sure don’t mind since sugar is sugar *and his cookies rock*. I also spent some time flipping though my old journal, remembering entries I wrote while I was being taught by my missionaries and looking over pictures from the day I was baptized alongside my family.

And now that I’m settled down from a sugar rush that I managed to get before lunchtime and my husband is off running an errand, I got the desire to write to you–the 18, 19, 20-something-year-old young…

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