Share the gospel and sometimes, use words


It’s been awhile. I’m actually so embarrassed I’m blushing. A little.

I’ve been busy adjusting to life in Rexburg. Eric Whitlock and I moved up here three months ago, but it feels like it’s been eight hundred days. It’s been good though. And cold. Oh, so cold. #thisisouterdarkness

But Spring is finally coming. I went running outside, and more than once I’ve left my windows open for some delightful fresh air.

With this rebirth of the world, I’ve promised myself to start anew as well.

We should really make our resolutions for the year in the spring. It’s much more pleasant and far less daunting.

Maybe I’m just admitting my seasonal affective disorder.

The point is, I’m promising myself to open my mouth more.

And by doing that, I’m going to be opening this ancient laptop more.

One of the greatest things about the gospel of Jesus Christ is our firm belief in eternal progression.

I’m never done with my exultation-seeking to-do list.

I can never check off being a disciple.

I’ll never finish daily scripture study or weekly temple attendance.

We’re in this for the long haul, folks.

And thank goodness.

I love that I can look down my life’s future and still see my sweet husband taking me to the temple, and praying with me each night.

I feel great about that.

And so should the rest of humanity.

But we have to tell them.

Share with them this great plan of eternal happiness.

Because it’s their choice to hear it or not. But we have to do our darndest to get them a shot at saying yes.

For my job, I write a weekly column.

Well a long story short, I was standing in the freezing bathroom in the back, praying to know what I could write to meet my looming deadline. And when I say looming, it was 20 minutes away.

God reminded me of this funny story: Opening my mission call at 2 a.m. then bawling my eyes out.

So I wrote it.

And the response I got was overwhelming. I was shocked.

And humbled.

It reminded me of how poor of a job I’ve been doing lately of sharing my beliefs in any way I can.

So here I am. Trying to repent, with a promise to share the gospel in my little corner of the world.

Because I believe it. And no matter where you live — even if it’s Rexburg — God needs you to do it.

2 thoughts on “Share the gospel and sometimes, use words

  1. We had our stake conference this weekend on hastening the work. We heard stories of conversion, stories of family history, missionary stories, and stories of how to prepare our children for missions….all of which touched my heart and reminded me of my own story. I am grateful for the people who opened their mouths and shared the gospel with me. I am grateful for my family members who have gone before me, who touched my spirit and called me to the Temple to do their work after my baptism. I am grateful for my lovely daughter who served her mission in Montana, my boys who are currently serving in California and Canada, and my youngest daughter who asked the Bishop today to start Mission prep classes and the hearts and lives they have touched or will touch. I am grateful for my testimony and all the guidance that the Lord gave me while raising my children and helping them to prepare for their missions. During one of the testimonies this weekend, a convert talked about how precious the gift of the Holy Ghost is when you have lived life without it and I can testify that it is true. I am grateful every day for that gift and never want to be without it….it is the Lord’s gift to his children when they have made that baptismal covenant, but is the missionaries that bring the possibility of that gift and I am grateful to those Elders who paved that way for me.

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