Not a composer

Journaling is like old school blogging. And more private. And makes your hand hurt more. Tonight, I was rereading some earlier entries. #imayhavelaughedoutloud  But I came across one in particular that I felt compelled to share. For what it’s worth, … Continue reading

Truth restored

Can we talk about how cute Elder Nelson was during conference? I loved his coy little reference to his last conference talk about “Ask the Missionaries.” #weseewhatyoudidthereeldernelson Love that man. Love those men. They have been called as witnesses of … Continue reading

The best medicine

I have never laughed more than on my mission. In between some of the most sacred moments I’ve ever had, were hours of side-splitting gold. From drunk investigators to a concussion from a football to the head, my mission was filled with unforgettable … Continue reading


I’m convinced that God is a conspirator. #inthebestwaypossible #andboydoilovehimforit It’s happened before, it will happen again. From time to time, the Lord seems to direct all my thoughts, conversations and attention in one direction until I learn an essential “Emmilie Lesson.” More … Continue reading

Sister Collins: “I’m a sister missionary”

So no big deal or anything, but my roommate made this video about our friend Janne Collins who is headed out this month to serve the people of Orlando. #actuallyhugedeal I love Sister Collin’s humble testimony and love for the … Continue reading