Not a composer

Journaling is like old school blogging. And more private. And makes your hand hurt more. Tonight, I was rereading some earlier entries. #imayhavelaughedoutloud  But I came across one in particular that I felt compelled to share. For what it's worth, I hope it's helpful. It's just a little corner of my soul. July 1, 2012 … Continue reading Not a composer


The weight of experience

This post is not about missionary work. #dontbemad It's not about dealing with companions or learning to speak a new language. This post is about embracing great change. Not change like, "Oh, suddenly I like listening to Bruno Mars." It's not change like, "I'm giving up Diet Coke." This post is about change that alters … Continue reading The weight of experience


I'm convinced that God is a conspirator. #inthebestwaypossible #andboydoilovehimforit It's happened before, it will happen again. From time to time, the Lord seems to direct all my thoughts, conversations and attention in one direction until I learn an essential "Emmilie Lesson." More often than not, I'm left standing there, all dizzy like, as if  a very blunt … Continue reading Light